With our complete property valuation for short stay rental

Our comprehensive valuation service goes beyond simple number crunching. We assess your property's unique characteristics, location, and potential in the current market, comparing it with similar listings to ensure you're positioned competitively. This includes a detailed report highlighting strengths, opportunities for improvement, and pricing strategies to maximize occupancy rates and profitability.

Leveraging historical data, seasonal trends, and market dynamics, we provide you with a realistic projection of your property's earning potential over the next year.

This forecast considers various factors such as peak seasons, local events, and market saturation to help you plan for the future with confidence.


Cleanliness is paramount in the short-stay rental industry.

Our evaluation service not only suggests an optimal checkout cleaning fee that's fair to your guests but also economically viable for you.

We offer guidance on setting up a cleaning schedule, selecting cleaning services, and implementing best practices for maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and guest satisfaction.

Whether to rent out your space as individual rooms or as a full apartment is a critical decision. Our expert analysis looks into the layout of your property, local demand, and profitability margins to recommend the best setup. This service aims to enhance guest experience while optimizing your revenue and operational efficiency.

In a crowded market, your listing needs to stand out.

We provide actionable recommendations on how to improve your listing's visibility and appeal through professional photography, compelling descriptions, and the smart use of amenities.

This service is designed to increase your booking rate by making your property more attractive to potential guests.


Recognizing that every host and property is unique, we offer personalized consultation sessions.

These sessions are an opportunity to discuss specific challenges, explore new opportunities, and refine strategies in line with evolving market conditions and personal goals.

When preparing the report we initiate a 30 min call to understand more in details the property specifics.

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Your compass in the vast and ever-evolving landscape of short-stay rentals.

Born from a seasoned property management firm with over a decade of frontline experience, Hostwise stands as a beacon of knowledge and support for those embarking on or navigating the journey of property hosting and investment. At the core of our inception is a simple yet powerful mission: to empower future hosts, support the growth of existing hosts, and offer invaluable insights to property investors.

With more than 11 years of dedicated service in management and investing, we’ve cultivated a depth of understanding and expertise that’s rare in the industry.

Our journey began when we noticed a gap in the market – a lack of comprehensive, accessible, and expert guidance for individuals and companies looking to maximize their potential in the short-stay rental sector.

Drawing upon our extensive background in property management and investment, we decided to bridge this gap with Hostwise.


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